The Kaminario effect

Dani Golan


11:50 - 12:20, Monday 08/02/10

Sector: Show Me Your Demo!

Companies today are continually seeking ways to increase revenue, reduce costs and improve efficiencies in order to stay competitive, expand market share and maintain brand loyalty. Therefore, businesses rely on strategic analytic applications that drive corporate decisions.

Kaminario-K2 is an enterprise grade Performance Data Appliance delivering millions of IOPS to accelerate crucial applications while generating ROI unsurpassed by General Purpose Storage and Data Warehouse Appliances.

Unlike these solutions, Kaminario-K2 is simple to deploy and maintain. It deploys within hours and supports any database or data type with no data manipulation or modeling.

With Kaminario-K2, application performance is improved by orders of magnitude immediately. And because it allows capacity and performance to scale independently, it can start with a single application and expand.

The Kaminario team, backed up by Sequoia Capital and Pitango, has decades of experience in different disciplines of the IT market both in development and management.

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