Running SAP, Cisco and VMWARE in 10 Seconds

Zvi Guterman


11:20 - 11:50, Monday 08/02/10

Sector: Show Me Your Demo!

A successful evaluation or proof-of-concept (POC) can make or break new IT projects. With CloudShare, there is no need to ship expensive equipment, install software on-site or wait for the IT department to find available test servers - each project gets a unique, separate instance of a complete environment, which they can test with their own data, their own applications and even integrate with on-premises systems.

We will see how companies such as Cisco, SAP, VMWARE and Websense are using the cloud to help their enterprise customers.

Accelerating the internal innovation is now possible by trying far more many vendors, in much shorter period than even before.

A CloudShare demo and POC environment delivers all the benefits of a custom, on-site installation, but for a fraction of the cost and at a fraction of the effort.

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