The XIV Effect – SmartPilot Panel feat. Leading Venture Capital Partners


I am pleased to announce that in the upcoming SmartPilot convention, I will moderate a panel that may prove to be quite interesting. The panel will consist of the top representatives of the Israeli venture capital industry, chiefly from those funds that invest in start-up companies.



On the panel will be GenesisAdi Shalev, Sequoia’s Gili Ra’anan, Gemini’s Daniel Cohen and Graylock’s Erez Ofer. All four are chief partners with a lot of experience in the global IT market. Many of the companies these four have invested in, will in fact be demoing at SmartPilot.



While preparing questions for the panel I nicknamed it with the codename “the XIV effect”, while not the official name of the panel, I am intrigued in finding out how important is a successful technological pilot in a large-scale organization is for a start-up looking for a successful exit.



I seem to recall the stories about the famous pilot held by the folks at XIV at Bank Leumi before they were purchased by IBM, or the pilot preformed by Onigma at Partner before they were purchased by McAfee. What I’d like to find out is the proper way to promote such a pilot – both for the start-up and for the organization incorporating the solution into their systems. I’ll try and discuss the optimal relationship between the start-up company and the organization’s IT managers, as well as the pros and cons an IT manager must consider before he starts such a pilot program.



Another topic, the one that will open the panel discussion, will focus on mapping future IT technologies and the future IT products the venture capital fund people believe they should invest in in upcoming years. These men have very particular information not available to analysts or IT managers, and we will try an define which IT fields no long hold any interest to them, which fields are “packed” with existing start-ups and which fields may disappear completely.



Of course, I’d be happy for active participation from the IT managers and start-up founders in attendance, and we will have microphones spread through the audience that will enable you to take part in the discussion right from your seat. The brave souls among you can take to the stage, so get those questions ready!

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The XIV Effect – SmartPilot Panel feat. Leading Venture Capital Partners
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